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Our House & Facilities



Summerfield House Day Nursery is situated in lovely rural surroundings in a large country house on the A319 just outside Chobham Village. Additional brick buildings, outdoor canopies with rain and UV protected roofs and ample car parks complete the setting. It has a large lawned garden as well as play areas with safety sponge floors where there is a variety of play equipment to encourage physical development and co-ordination.


Facilities are 5 star and include underfloor heating, double glazing and air conditioning.  Most walls are covered in hard surfaces for hygiene reasons and allow children to write or stick their paintings on them. Summerfield House has two heating boilers as well as electric heating systems to ensure that children remain warm and comfortable in the event of any mechanical breakdown.  Rooms have hand washing facilities made of stainless steel and granite worktops at heights to suit both adults and children.

Our Care & Education

A wise owl keeps a watchful eye on all of us!  In all of our activities, we believe that it is the process in which children participate that gives positive results and valuable learning skills, rather than placing all the emphasis on the importance of achievement.   A developmental progress record is kept on individual children by their key person and daily feedback is given to parents in writing and verbally.  Staff share information via our information boards and are more than happy to discuss your child’s day with you upon collection. Children are encouraged to share their works of art and show you their work which may be displayed or in their tray ready to take home with them.


Specialist teachers are employed to support our curriculum. Every week a sports teacher visits and offers our older children playful  and fun physical activities (e.g. ball control, racket control and team games such as tag rugby, tennis, balancing skills and ball control). In addition, a specialist music teacher visits all of our age groups weekly, bringing musical instruments for the children to play a tuneful array of new songs.  French is also an option for our pre-school children to participate in following the ‘La Jolie Ronde’ programme.


We operate a Link Mum System whereby two parents volunteer to act as another form of communication between the Nursery and  parents. Kate Sutherland, our Principal, meets with them regularly in order to exchange ideas, gain an understanding of likes, wishes and requirements of parents and how best to incorporate these into the Nursery’s processes.  These volunteer parents are always willing to provide a testimonial for new parents who are considering sending their child to Summerfield House

Our Secruity

Child security is of paramount importance to us.  Entry to Summerfield House is via a two-gate lobby padlock system which means that the first gate must be closed before the second gate can be opened.   We ensure that both gates are kept securely closed at all other times.  The padlock code is changed on a regular basis.  Visitors are not permitted access into the Nursery unless they are authorised to do so. Unexpected visitors are spoken to via the door phone system and viewed via the small window in the entrance door; if appropriate, they are then met in the outside lobby. Once admitted into the Nursery, all visitors are signed in.


We request that parents should be the ones to collect their child; on the rare occasion where there are extenuating circumstances which render this impossible, a senior member of the nursery staff will agree a password procedure with the parent.  The car parks and boundaries have a CCTV camera security system in operation 24 hours; no CCTV is installed inside the setting.


Child Safeguarding is an essential part of our security procedures.

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