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Extra Curricular

Puss in Flutes Music 











Each age group thoroughly enjoy an enthusiastic music session each week.


The sessions are carefully planned and tailor made to suit the age group. Children learn through repetition and enjoy using musical instruments to accompany the session. Familiar songs are sung each week with an introduction of new songs which are brought in on a regular basis to keep the children entertained, involved and stimulated. Children are encouraged to get up and dance and use movement as a part of learning particular songs. Staff take part in every session with the children and altogether they have a thoroughly enjoyable time. Lots of expression, clapping and rhythmic actions are a source of many aspects of development and a valuable part of learning.


Our pre-school children enjoy a slightly more structured music session where they are introduced to musical terms and play games with minims and crotchets and listen to a variety of musical instruments playing up and down the scale helping them to tune in and listen. 


Children in our pre-school are exposed to listening to and learning songs in different languages.

La Jolie Ronde French lessons











La Jolie Ronde French lessons are held once a week, the groups are small and are carried out in a fun and active manner.


The programme introduces children to French using songs, finger rhymes, puppets, stories and play. It runs alongside typical topics used in the Early Years Foundation Stage including numbers, my head, my body, shapes, my family, my house, colours, transport, drinking and eating, the supermarket to name but a few.


Our children have been amazing at picking up a new language and openly bring their newly learnt words into general pre-school life such as during circle time. 


Parents have the opportunity to purchase a book and a CD to enhance the child’s learning and encourage repetition. Not only does this encourage parental involvement it sews the seed for the future by promoting children to learn at home. 


This is the only additional charge at Summerfield House however, the lessons are extremely reasonably priced and fees are paid termly.

Tots in sports 











Each week we have a specialist teacher who brings an array of exciting sports opportunities and equipment to stimulate our pre-school children in small groups with a variety of exciting games and training skills to increase and develop large motor skills.

The children look forward to their lesson each week and participate with enthusiasm.

Their dexterity, balancing skills, racket control, ball skills and hand eye coordination are all developed by introducing fun and controlled activities.


Children are given praise and encouragement to take part and given time to practice and learn new skills.

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