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Adele and Noel wth some of their growing brood of Grandchildren

Our Founder


"When I had the opportunity to start Summerfield House Day Nursery in 1990 I was a working mother with five young children and a demanding career. From personal experience I knew that it is not easy to juggle the demands of a full time career whilst doing the very best for your children.


Without a doubt, the most important thing for me was to have the very best childcare.  I had often thought how wonderful it would be to create a nursery that was a ‘home from home’. A place where children could be nurtured, learn, laugh and play knowing themselves to be in safe hands .

We were in the process of moving from Summerfield where we had lived for the previous 10 years and I could think of no better place for young children to grow up.


I was fortunate to have met Kate Sutherland who shared my vision and Summerfield House was born!


We have made many improvements to the building over the years, including air conditioning, heated floors  and extensive outdoor play areas. And, by buying adjacent land we have  also developed a mini farm which the children take enormous pleasure in.


Kate, and many of her team have been with us through the years and  today we are as passionate and uncompromising in our standards as we were when we started in 1990.


I smile as I write this as I can now wear two hats - amongst the hundreds of children who have grown through Summerfield House; I now have three of my own grandchildren in the Nursery.  I can now enjoy the Nursery not only as the owner but as a grandparent seeing my own thriving."  

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