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About Us

Summerfield House Day Nursery is ...

Open 51 weeks of the year from 8.00 am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday Our curriculum is broad . It includes collage, water and sand play, music, drama, painting and pre reading. Reading handwriting and number work are introduced at the appropriate stage. A daily record is kept of each child’s progress.

Parents may visit whenever they wish and their involvement is welcome at all stages.

Summerfield House is situated in lovely rural surroundings in a large country house on the A319 just outside Chobham Village and is surrounded by farmland. It has a large lawned garden as well as a play area with a safety sponge floor where there is a variety of play equipment to encourage physical development.


Every week a special sports teacher visits and gives the children expert and  playful experience in activities such as  bat and ball games, this is also joined by a specilist music teacher, helping the children to learn and to create sounds with a varitiy of different instruments.




Upcoming Events:
Family Day - 22.7.2023
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